New Kite-A-Pult ($19.99) from Tucker Toys

Hamilton, NJ – (May 3, 2017) – Tucker transforms play to new heights with its new Kite-A Pult kite flying system.

The Kite-A-Pult (MSRP $19.99 for ages 10+) is a self-launching kite flying system!  No more running around in circles or needing another person’s help to get your kite off the ground. The new Kite-A-Pult launches a kite in the sky and you’ll be flying it up, up and away in no time.

Mark Nathan, CEO and President of Tucker, said, “We’ve transformed flying a kite into a breeze. Our unique system allows kids to launch their kite into the air and enjoy the fun of flying their kite right away, without the help of others.”

The portable Kite-A-Pult hand-launcher makes it easy to pull back then rocket the kite into the air to catch the wind.  Not only is the Kite-A-Pult the most innovative and exciting kite out there, but it also doubles as a Glider! Its two toys in one and comes in three super colorful designs.

The new Kite-A-Pult joins the full line of Tucker Toys, which already includes the top selling Phlat Ball®, E-Z Grip® (Play Ball, Junior, Football and Soccer Ball), Crush-It!® Bat, Trick Shot Sports, Zoingo Boingo® Pogo, and ZB Freestyle® Board.

About Tucker Toys: Tucker Toys, based in Hamilton, NJ, brings to market a line of toys with far wider ranges of use, spanning all ages and transforming almost all environments into playable ones. Tucker Toys evolved from marketing only through a few international distributors to over 50 countries currently with a strong public outreach, engaging kids and families directly. Every toy created by Tucker has received awards from various prestigious organizations including Mom’s Choice, Parents’ Choice, The National Parenting Center, The Toy Insider and veteran toy marketer Einstein, da Vinci and Goldberg. Most recently, two of Tucker’s toys received special needs approval by AblePlay, a division of Lekotek, proving the versatility of Tucker’s toy innovation that brings value to parents and benefits to children across the spectrum. Products from Tucker Toys include the internationally award-winning Phlat Ball®, Crush-It!™ Bat, Trick Shot Sports, Zoingo Boingo™ Pogo, and the ZB Freestyle™ Board, a high-bouncing action sports toy ideal for skateboarding and parkour enthusiasts.

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*Special Needs Approval from Lekotek Center’s AblePlay Award Certification

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