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Tactic Secures License for Minions

Grantsville, MD - (May 15, 2015) – Tactic Games announced today that the company has been granted rights to games based on Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures’ Despicable Me global film franchise, including the upcoming prequel Minions, opening in theaters July 10, 2015. New Minions Hit Them Out Game [...]

Tactic Secures License for Minions2017-03-10T20:38:11-04:00

The Tactic for ASTRA is Fun and New Games

Tactic Games' ASTRA Booth #1054 Charlotte, NC - (April 26, 2015) – Tactic Games brings its full line of games, including its all new, original games as well as new licensed games, into the 2015 American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) annual Marketplace and Academy trade show which will be [...]

The Tactic for ASTRA is Fun and New Games2017-03-10T20:38:12-04:00

Flip Out Over R&R’s New Slideways Game

SLIDE OVER TIC-TAC-TOE!  THERE’S A NEW GAME IN TOWN Puzzle Lovers Will Flip Out Over Slideways™ from R&R Games Tampa, FL – (April 25, 2015) – Let’s face it. The classic game of tic-tac-toe that we all grew up playing can get pretty boring once you’ve figured it out and [...]

Flip Out Over R&R’s New Slideways Game2017-03-10T20:38:12-04:00

It’s All Cups for Grabs at R&R

Kids Grab All Sorts of Fun with New Cup-A-Cup™ Game Tampa, FL – (April 24, 2015) – What happens when the right brain and the left brain collide? It’s all CUP for grabs, as R&R Games announces the arrival of Cup-A-Cup™, an easy-to-learn game of quick thinking, fast hands, and [...]

It’s All Cups for Grabs at R&R2017-03-10T20:38:12-04:00
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