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Jabuka Adds Twist To Easter Baskets

Toronto, ON – (March 12, 2021) – Jabuka, the new word game with the coffee theme, is giving the Easter Bunny a new twist on options to fill baskets this year. Hopping on an idea to add games to the Easter deliveries, Jabuka is the big treat that is the [...]

Jabuka Adds Twist To Easter Baskets2021-03-12T11:50:10-04:00

Games in the Grocery Store

Toronto, ON – (February 22, 2021) – The new “essentials” in the grocery stores are more than fresh meats, dairy and produce. As grocery stores have added a more diverse selection of household and frequent purchase personal items, a curious crossover of “food-related” products is finding shelf space too. Toys [...]

Games in the Grocery Store2021-03-08T13:08:26-04:00

The Buzz for the Year’s Biggest Game Night

Toronto, ON – (December 15, 2020) – This year’s New Year’s Eve may be one of the biggest family game nights ever. While pandemic cautions continue, families and small dinner parties will be looking for some at-home fun for the evening. One way to get a jolt of excitement for [...]

The Buzz for the Year’s Biggest Game Night2021-02-22T16:18:04-04:00

Jabuka Adapts for Hybrid and Homeschool Edu-tainment

Toronto, ON – (Oct. 9, 2020) – School isn’t exactly the same this year. So, while innovative teaching methods become the norm, why shouldn’t a twisted letter game become a home school goto? “Well, we were looking to build the ‘buzz’ about our new word game, but we hadn’t really [...]

Jabuka Adapts for Hybrid and Homeschool Edu-tainment2020-10-09T13:06:46-04:00

The Buzz in Word Games: JABUKA

Toronto, ON – (April 8, 2020) - In a very strange time in our world, a couple of things remain as constants - coffee and games. When Jabuka Games, Inc. attended the American International Toy Fair in New York, the company was launching its new word game with a surprising twist. [...]

The Buzz in Word Games: JABUKA2020-10-09T13:50:18-04:00
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