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ImagAbility Construction Crew Repackages WEDGiTS™

El Dorado, CA - (July 21, 2015) - The construction crew at ImagAbility Inc., makers of the international, award-winning educational and manipulative toy products, WEDGiTS™, has totally rebuilt and redesigned the packaging of its cornerstone brand. Rock McKinley, VP Sales & Marketing of ImagAbility, said, “Our new packaging makes attention grabbing shelf [...]

ImagAbility Construction Crew Repackages WEDGiTS™2017-03-10T20:38:10-04:00

WEDGiTS Considered Classic Construction Toy

El Dorado, CA - (May 3, 2015) - "You can count on classic toys. These are the long lasting toys that 'keep on playing' long after the batteries and latest fads are gone," Stevanne Auerbach, PhD (aka Dr. Toy), said, about the latest products to be classified as Dr. Toy [...]

WEDGiTS Considered Classic Construction Toy2017-03-10T20:38:12-04:00

Nest It… Stack It… WEDGiT

Diamond Springs, CA – (March 13, 2015) - What's a WEDGiT? Made by ImagAbility, Inc., WEDGiTS™ are fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building block sets for children. Unlike other popular building sets or construction toys, WEDGITS do not require instructions. The WEDGiTS toy line is made for open-ended design to allow [...]

Nest It… Stack It… WEDGiT2017-03-10T20:38:14-04:00

When WEDGiTS are for Educators

New York, NY – (February 25, 2015) - Get Back to Class… and Play! Of course, toys are, most importantly, fun. However, sometimes playing with the toy turns out to have educational value too. WEDGiTS are one of those toys.  Rock McKinley, VP Sales & Marketing of ImagAbility, Inc., makers [...]

When WEDGiTS are for Educators2017-03-10T20:38:15-04:00

ImagAbility’s Major Attraction at Toy Fair

WEDGNETiX™ Pulls In Unlimited Building Potential New York, NY – (February 14, 2015) – ImagAbility, makers of the original international building block brand, WEDGiTS™, today announced its newest attraction, WEDGNETiX™, magnetic WEDGiTS. ImagAbility will be drawing on its magnetic allure in a dynamic demonstration of its new WEDGNETiX at the [...]

ImagAbility’s Major Attraction at Toy Fair2017-03-10T20:38:15-04:00
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