Kids Grab All Sorts of Fun with New Cup-A-Cup™ Game

Tampa, FL – (April 24, 2015) – What happens when the right brain and the left brain collide? It’s all CUP for grabs, as R&R Games announces the arrival of Cup-A-Cup™, an easy-to-learn game of quick thinking, fast hands, and a fun factor that’s extremely addictive for kids of all ages.CupACup_box_layout

Funny-faced cups take center stage in this high-energy game that challenges and engages kids ages 6+, and sharpens their skills of logic and analytical thinking, pattern recognition, memory, deduction and reaction speed.

“Cup-A-Cup is an exciting departure from the usual set-recognition games,” said Frank DiLorenzo, President of R&R Games. “It’s a fun, physical, hands-on game experience that’s as much of a challenge for kids as it is for their parents.”

On each turn, a player rolls the dice to determine the missing colored shape that would complete a set pattern. Then all players quickly identify the cup with the matching shape, and race to be the first to grab it off the table. The player who grabs it first wins the cup and places it in front of them. But be careful! All cups are up for grabs on the next player’s turn, and if another player holds the matching cup, anyone can grab it to complete the set. The first player to collect three cups wins.

Cup-A-Cup will grab the entire family’s attention and have them coming back for more, even long after they “master” the game. Everyone plays at the same time, keeping players engaged and on their toes at all times.

Cup-A-Cup is for ages 6+; MSRP $15.95. Available now at specialty toy and game stores nationwide and at

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