ARCHITECTO_NEW_closed_largeNew York, NY – (February 14, 2015) – Do you want to be smarter? Do you want your child to be smarter? FoxMind Toys & Games, the Smarter Fun C ompany, will help you get there with its Brain Builder Series™, a group of games that stimulates reasoning skills, problem solving abilities, and abstract thought processes. The solution to each challenge provides a sense of personal accomplishment through its goal-oriented completion. Players gain positive reinforcement and sharpen their creativity and logic as they play the games.

Adopted early on by teachers and enjoyed by people of all ages, the Brain Builder Series helped spread the FoxMind name throughout the world. Mention the game Architecto or Equilibrio to a child and he’ll likely say he played it at school. Although the line is still going strong, FoxMind decided to give the series a fresh new look that will be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in February.

FoxMind has grouped Architecto, Equilibrio, Perspecto and Tangramino as well as Meta Forms, SmaEQUILIBRIO_NEW_closed_largert Cookies and Zoologic into this Brain Builder series. Each product is sold separately, but can be purchased in a group to really increase your brain building capacity!

Some of the products in the series are:

Architecto, a perfect game for individual as well as group play; it lets you embark on an exploratory journey of design and form through the construction of 50 geometrical structures of increasing complexity. Brain building skills develop with spatial logic skills and stretching the imagination in new directions.

Perspecto_NEW_closed_largeEquilibrio investigates geometrical forms and improves dexterity as players advance through 60 puzzles of increasing complexity. Brain building occurs through the awesome vertical structures that bring geometry and perspective into play. By testing your ingenuity and perseverance, Equilibrio is also suitable for individual and group cooperative play.

Perspecto uses GeoBlocks to construct 3D structures based on 2D images. What seems easy at first, becomes progressively more challenging and invites players to brain build on their imagination and creativity.

In Tangramino, an easy start greets players as they replicate simple two dimensional forms using the enclosed GeoBlocks. As players progress, the complexity of the visual puzzles increases requiring perseverance and creative thought to find an imaginative solution.

Tangramino_NEW_closed_largeAdditional information is available at and through its social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, InstaGram and Pinterest.

For sales information, contact:
FoxMind Games, 5530 St-Patrick, Unit 1104, Montreal, Quebec, H4E 1A8, Canada T: (514) 369-7777; F: (514) 221-2271;