Let’s Play AKA on the Radio


AKA is Also Known As
The Best New Game of the Year
…and it’s easy for airplay

Ask your listeners to play. Reward them with a copy of the game (a $20 value)

To play AKA, all you have to do is guess the common/familiar names of people, places and things from words that mean the same thing 

For example:

  • The Billy Joel Song Also Known As “Keyboard Guy” (Piano Man)


  • The Children’s Game Also Known As “Warm Spud” (Hot Potato)
  • The Christmas Song AKA “Happiness to the Globe” (Joy to the World)
  • The Superhero AKA “Arachnid Guy” (Spiderman)
  • The Dog Breed AKA “Prizefighter” (Boxer)

Did you figure out the answers? Take your best guess to see if you get it right. Your best guess just might be Also Known As The Answer.
AKA ($19.99 for recommended for ages 12 and up)
Reward your listeners with a FREE copy of the game.

Creator of AKA, Aaron Solomon,
or Brian Turtle from Endless Games
can be available for on-air interviews or to play the game with DJs and show hosts.

AKA is the latest great game from Endless Games’ catalog that already includes The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Name 5, 60 Second Slam, Everybody Knows, HashTagIt, That Was Awkward, Horror Trivia, What Comes To Mind?, and Encore, among others

For additional information, visit www.endlessgames.com

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