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Board Games Emerge as Top Stay-At-Home Family Entertainment

Matawan, NJ - (March 26, 2020) - Becoming a resource to the world, game companies are emerging as the most affordable, home entertainment option for families. Endless Games is one of those companies offering game options for children, adults and multi-generational game play. If you're looking to roll the dice on some new options, look to [...]

Board Games Emerge as Top Stay-At-Home Family Entertainment2020-04-17T12:03:37-04:00

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead for Help at Home

Parents Turn to Griddly Games for Edu-tainment Assistance   Vancouver, BC - (April 2, 2020) – The new normal for school children is distance learning. Thank goodness for technology. However, you can’t do everything through the computer. According to Griddly, the company is fielding bursts of inquiries from parents who [...]

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead for Help at Home2020-06-24T13:48:12-04:00

Popularity of Puzzles Surges

Putting All the Pieces Together Tucson, AZ – (March 27, 2020) – A time when the world looks for non-electronic family entertainment, puzzles become one of the most popular past times. Since 1995, MasterPieces, Inc. has been building a quality brand of family-friendly puzzles and games. This year, as MasterPieces [...]

Popularity of Puzzles Surges2020-04-21T17:20:54-04:00

Endless Games’ Traffic Cop Positioned for Holiday Retail Rush

Matawan, NJ - (Nov. 15, 2019) - Traffic to the holiday shopping intersections is starting up and Endless Games is ready with an active new game based on classic schoolyard play. Endless Games directs all shoppers to its new Traffic Cop game (MSRP $24.99 for ages 5 and up). The [...]

Endless Games’ Traffic Cop Positioned for Holiday Retail Rush2019-11-17T07:45:59-04:00

MasterPieces Back To School Sweeps

The MasterPieces Inc. September Sweeps! Enter to win an assortment of products with educational themes. Enter here   Entries valid through 11:59pm September 30, 2019.  

MasterPieces Back To School Sweeps2019-09-09T13:29:36-04:00

Recipe for Success in Playtacular’s Refreshing New Root Beer Float Challenge Game

Chicago, IL – (June 24, 2019) – Get the game fun flowing this summer as Playtacular, LLC. today announced the nationwide availability of its new family party game, The Root Beer Float Challenge. The tasty new game, which arrives in Target Stores and online everywhere this month, uses a unique [...]

Recipe for Success in Playtacular’s Refreshing New Root Beer Float Challenge Game2019-06-24T15:28:11-04:00

Dr. Toy’s Best Picks 2018

Dr. Toy® Celebrates the Best Picks Award Program’s 26th Anniversary! 2018 Best Picks Includes Best Toys, Gifts, and Educational Product Categories San Francisco, CA - (November 23, 2018) - The Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Children’s Products Awards Report 2018 ® is now available to parents, teachers, and others in the online [...]

Dr. Toy’s Best Picks 20182018-11-20T13:46:53-04:00

The (NINJA) Rush is On

Mentor, OH - (Oct. 18, 2018) –Tactic Games USA today announced the official release of its latest family game, Ninja Rush. In this new, quick-thinking, change of direction game, each player (ninja) has the power to hold the sands of time because Tactic has included super fun 3D Ninjas character [...]

The (NINJA) Rush is On2018-10-18T17:09:47-04:00

Griddly Games Adds Some Sugar

Richmond, BC - (Sept. 14, 2018) - Griddly Games, Inc. is sweetening its science activity craft line with the new Just Add Sugar kit. It’s the latest "ingredient" to be "added" to the company's successful Just Add ______ product line.  Just Add Sugar is the fourth product in the line [...]

Griddly Games Adds Some Sugar2018-09-14T15:05:17-04:00

Tactic’s New Jungle Runners Game Sprints Into Game Aisles

Mentor, OH - (Sept. 14, 2018) –Tactic Games' new Jungle Runners is the exciting new, original family board game where players have a team of animals that they have to navigate through the jungle-themed board of obstacles. The unique challenge for this game is that each player has to navigate a [...]

Tactic’s New Jungle Runners Game Sprints Into Game Aisles2018-09-14T14:51:45-04:00